World Food & Music Festival

Adventure Tents

Explore the worlds of exotic fruit, chocolate and spices at the Adventure Tents! The new Fruit and Spice Adventure Tents join the beloved Chocolate Adventure to offer hands-on experiences for Festival guests. The Fruit Adventure sponsored by Voya Financial® offers touch, taste and see activities, while the Spice Adventure sponsored by Principal showcases unique flavors from around the world. Kids will love to learn about chocolate and make chocolate lollipops at the Chocolate Adventure.

Check back for 2018 Adventure Tent schedules.

Chocolate Adventure

Join Beaverdale Confections in the Chocolate Adventure tent! This is a hands-on experience where children learn more about different types of chocolate and make their own chocolate lollipop. Classes are offered throughout The Festival.

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Check back for the 2018 Chocolate Adventure schedule.

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Spice Adventure
Sponsored by Principal

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Explore the flavors from around the world in the Spice Adventure tent. Experience classes and activities led by AllSpice Culinarium that feature seasonings from a variety of culinary traditions – perfect for all ages!



Check back for the 2018 Spice Adventure schedule.


Fruit Adventure
Sponsored by Voya Financial®

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Do you know the difference between a Jackfruit and a Cherimoya? Have you ever picked up a Kiwano?

The Fruit Adventure is a destination for children and adults to learn about fruit that is grown outside of our region and our country. Guests can touch, taste and see exotic fruit and enjoy activities and programs throughout The Festival. Demonstrations at the Fruit Adventure will be led by Hy-Vee, Inc.

Check back for the 2018 Fruit Adventure schedule.