World Food & Music Festival

Food & Drinks


From the oceans of the Caribbean to the vineyards of Argentina, the World Food & Music Festival offers a world’s worth of exotic cuisine. Enjoy authentic food and drink from more than 25 countries, all served here in the heart of vibrant Downtown Des Moines. Treat your taste buds to a culinary tour today! A world’s worth of food, music and culture are waiting.


Why settle for an ordinary drink when you can sample exceptional beverages from around the globe? Whether it’s beer from Belgium or wine from Australia, the World Food & Music Festival has an adventure waiting in every glass. Grab a friend and join us for a festival full of drinks and a park full of fellow travelers ready to join you on a trip around the world.

Check back for the 2018 Food Vendor Application.

See below for a listing of last year’s food and drink vendors.